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Welcome to my website!

I write books about the things I’m interested in. I love the research and I enjoy the writing. I think if I want to know the answers to questions, other people will want to read about them too. I originally trained as a lawyer and I’m sure this has made me careful to provide evidence for my findings, or explain why it doesn’t exist. When I couldn’t get publishers interested in the books I was writing, I decided to take a further degree to gain credibility, and accordingly started a research degree with the Open University. My subject was nineteenth century amateur gardening, and most of the information on which it was based was available in gardening magazines of the time. However, as no-one had made a proper study of them, that became the first part of my research. The whole thing took far longer than I expected, but I enjoyed every minute, and it led to my first book, The Victorian Gardener.

I now concentrate on writing and lecturing, and I help my daughter to run a cafe and cake-making business. All my books are available to buy through this website or from Cortex Design: contact

I am always pleased to hear from anyone interested in my work and am happy to give lectures or participate in discussions on related subjects.

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The Victorian Gardener

Passion for Pelargoniums

Poole Twintone and Tableware

Four books by Anne Wilkinson

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